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e1-1The Psionic Pentalogy has been updated with illustrations!

I had always wanted to include illustrations in my books, but custom-made artwork is an expensive investment for a small, independent publication like the Psionic Pentalogy, and I couldn’t venture into that realm until the books had sold enough copies to justify it. By late 2015, to my surprise, they had, so I hired a very talented artist named Ayako Yamaguchi to create a series of black and white images for the chapters of my books as well as full-color character illustrations for the inside title pages.

The project took more than 2 years, but currently all five books of the series have been updated with illustrations.

Unfortunately, readers who had purchased the books prior to the updates, that is, the very readers who had made this possible, are unable to see the illustrations. Regarding digital editions of the books, depending on the online vendor, getting the latest version of an ebook file can be as simple as deleting it once from the reading device and re-downloading it from the vendor’s cloud storage, but other vendors will only resupply the version of the book as it was at the time of purchase. Print books, of course, can’t be updated post-press.

Thus, for readers who missed out on the illustrations, all of Ayako’s artwork included in the books is available here. Choose from the galleries below to view the images. 


Many of the images in the collections below contain spoilers to the stories, so I would strongly recommend only viewing the illustrations for books you’ve already finished reading.

200 WB

200 TT

200 LG

200 TQ

200 GA

200 OT

Check out Ayako Yamaguchi’s portfolio at

Many thanks to my EFL students Koudai and Tamaki Miyata and their mother Shoko who modeled the initial reference poses for the illustrations of Adrian, Alia and Cindy, and to Minami Sato and Taisei Ohe who modeled reference poses for Terry and the Historian, respectively. Thanks also to Masora and Mikaze Sakairi and Haruka and Nodoka Yasumoto for providing additional reference poses of various characters.