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Cloud-Whale smallReviews are important to the success of any book, but especially for independently published works like the Psionic Pentalogy. If you have finished reading any (or all) of the books in this series, please take a moment to rate and review them. A review doesn’t necessarily have to be an in-depth analysis of the plot and characters (though it can be). Just a star rating and a few words is enough.

The links below will take you directly to the online seller’s review page or to its product page where you can click the “Write a Review” button. Most sites will require you to log in before submitting a review, and Apple requires that reviews be posted through iTunes. Links to regional stores are not provided here, but can be accessed via the Psionic Pentalogy books and purchase links page.

Review Book 1: Wild-born
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Review Book 2: The Tower
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Review Book 3: Lesser Gods
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Review Book 4: The Quest
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Review Book 5: Guardian Angel
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An extra great thank you to all who have taken the time to leave reviews on my books!